Call Costco

Costco's worst deal

Call Costco out on their dirty business deals

Right now, Costco has contracts with mega corporations whose suppliers bulldoze forests to produce meat and animal feed. These companies get rich while driving the destruction of  forests, theft of Indigenous land, and killing wildlife.

Worse still, the destruction of every acre could potentially breed disease, bringing us closer to the next pandemic.

We can stop them, but we have to hit them where it hurts: their bank accounts. 

Call Costco and tell them to cancel their contracts with Cargill and JBS. The goal here is to get a sales agent on the line and keep them talking as long as possible.

If you’re NOT a Costco member, your instructions are this simple. 

If you ARE a Costco member, you have the exact same instructions, except you’re going to finish your call telling them you won’t shop there and want to cancel your membership. 

If you need talking points and questions you’ll find these below.

Some talking points to consider:

  • I was shocked and upset to learn that Costco has ongoing contracts with Cargill and JBS. 
  • Cargill and JBS are getting rich by driving deforestation to produce cheap meat and animal feed.
  • Bulldozing forests kills wildlife, threatens Indigenous communities, and could breed dangerous diseases like COVID-19 or worse.
  • If Costco is truly an ethical business, you’ll end contracts with Cargill and JBS and commit to shifting to more responsible suppliers.

Ask questions to keep the conversation going and tie up their order line for as long as possible:

  • Does Costco have standards for ethical suppliers? 
  • Do you think Costco should sell products from companies that drive forest destruction?
  • If you can’t address my concern directly today, will you raise it with your team and management and get back to me? When will I hear from you?

Four easy steps

1. Call this number: