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Chocolate companies: stop hurting kids

Chocolate is meant to bring celebration and joy. What if I told you that that same commodity is making hundreds of thousands of children work in cocoa farms and frequently exposing them to poisonous chemicals. Sounds impossible, right?

Sadly, over a million kids work in fields to plant, harvest and process cocoa beans that are often grown with dangerous chemicals. This sad situation has risen in the last ten years and if not checked will continue to rise. This is just wrong and must stop.

So long as they encourage or turn a blind eye to the use of harmful pesticides and other chemicals in cocoa, Cadbury’s and other big chocolate companies that make Dairy Milk, Mars Bars and other treats, are complicit in poisoning children.

These companies call the shots and could easily fix this. At the very least they need to phase out all of the terrible chemicals from their cocoa supply chains.

Tell Cadbury / Mondelez, Nestlé, Ferrero, World Cocoa Foundation Members and others to stop using pesticides and other chemicals to grow their chocolate.