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Tell supermarkets to keep their word

Good news! (It’s about time, in 2020.)

Some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets listened to our people-powered campaign to pressure giant multinational corporations like Cargill to save the jaguars’ home. We heard the biggest supermarkets sent a letter demanding change – or else.

People-power really does work, but before we congratulate ourselves – we’ve just heard that Cargill, and pals are not taking their demands seriously.

The big supermarkets are meeting right now to decide what to do next. Will they stand firm and follow through on their promises to take action on Cargill and other companies destroying Latin American forests – or will they go back to normal and do nothing?

Now is the time to make sure we force them to keep their word.

So here’s the plan. We will send a letter from all of us to the big supermarket’s big bosses. Yes, that’s right. We will send the bosses of the UK’s biggest supermarkets a letter demanding they take action – but this letter will be signed by thousands of us.

Can you sign this letter and we will send it directly to the CEOs of the UK’s biggest supermarkets?


To: CEOs at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Morrisions, & Aldi UK

Dear Ken Murphy, Simon Roberts, Roger Burnley, David Potts, and Giles Hurley,

A few weeks ago we asked you to step up and tell soya industry firms like Cargill and Bunge to stop facilitating deforestation in Latin America.

We asked you to call on these industry leaders to finally take concrete steps to eliminate all forms of deforestation that ultimately ends up in the products on your supermarket shelves.

As your customers we expect more from the UK’s leading supermarkets. We are clearly saying that we do not want to buy food that has been produced in the ashes of the world’s forests or other natural beauty spots.

We know that the UK’s supermarkets can take concrete steps to remove products that contribute to deforestation from your supply chains.

We demand that you take public action to demonstrate to companies like Cargill and Bunge that your patience is running out.

The time for quiet lobbying and polite requests are over. It’s time the UK’s leading supermarkets show there are consequences for industry-inaction.

Please publicly show Cargill and Bunge that this time you mean business.